Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last week on Friday I had gynecology exam, so I had to cut my nails reaaaaallly short (I thought I wouldn't like an examination with long nails :)) so I did cut them), I passed the exam :) yay, but now I have short nails (short=really short), so I thought I could try some goodies out just to experiment with what would my nails grow faster, nothing special, just vitE oil and lots and lots of cream for my cuticles (because when I'm under stress I chew the skin around my nails, and now the skin looks horrible and I have to fix it).
I'll try to "fix" the skin with super-hyper-extra moisturizing program, meaning for first, I'll remove my cuticles, and then I'll use every single time that I remember a noname hand cream, vit E oil, vaseline, and at night a big amount of marigold flower cream on my cuticles (this last one makes my skin heal a lot faster)
Last time I did this I used alternatively the same things almost every hour, for first it was a pain in the *** to remember to use these, but after a while I got used to it :)
For now I won't put photos (it just looks horrible), but if I get the results I want I will put before-after photos.

So, if you have any good tips on how to grow nails faster, or how to heal the skin around the nails leave me a comment :)
I would love to know your tips, ideas :)


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