Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The dotting tool I got this in an art & hobby supply store. This "thingie" has a pen part, and changeable heads, as you can see in the photos below. The pen part of it was around 2 euro, and the heads each separately about 1,5 euro. With this I can make different size dots, flowers with round petals etc.
You can also do dots with a toothpick, and if you cut down the pointed end of the toothpick you can make bigger. At first, when I started painting my nails i didn't like the toothpick, I always made a mess with it, so I used everything I could find that had a roundish end (I used various things from a roll pen -didn't work for me-, to a counters corners peg -lol, this sounds stupid, but I really used everything-). So my boyfriend saved the counter and got me this nail thingie, thanks to him, 'cause this is the best tool ever :)

Brushes I use
the most
My brushes are not special nail brushes, I get them at the mentioned art&hobby supply store. The
reason is because these are waaaaay cheaper, and I can play just fine (for me) with these.

The one I use the most is a nr. 2/0 , 2120 RoArt sable hair brush
, it has the smallest tip I could find in this city, and works like a charm for me. I bought 2 of them (1 euro each), one for my acrylic paints, and one for my nail polishes... dunno why one wasn't enough :)). If I use acrylic paint with the brush, then I clean it immediately after use with water, and if I use nail polish with the brush then I clean it with acetone or acetone free nail polish remover.
Before I found this brush I was killing all my brushes to make the perfect fine tip, none of my chopping worked, well one did work, I cut down the striper brush's end, so it was small, but too rigid.

he second brush would be a nr. 2 MILAN 321, this is a flat, soft, small brush, the bristles are around 5mm long, and 2-3 mm wide. I got it from the same place and this was around 1 euro. I use this brush to make flower petals, or tear drops.

The third brush I use is a nr. 2, 3110 RoArt gold synthetic brush, it's a flat brush too, but it's not soft. I don't know if I use it correctly, but starting that these brushes are not for nail art, I can use them for anything I want :)). Whenever I apply glitter I use this brush to put the glitter on the nails, and also for removing the excess glitter after the polish dries. it's good, because the brush is rigid enough to pick up a whole lot of glitter with it, and soft enough to not "kill" the design when i remove the excess glitter.

- needle or toothpick
, immediately after you applied the nail polish to your nails you can create beautiful designs just by adding a few dots of other colourd nail polish, and just dragging the needle/toothpick between the two colors. With the help of the needle you can make petals, and a lot of other designs. Some of the girls wrote me on YT, that the needle is not OK, because it damages your nail... well you don't have to push it that hard, just slide it on the nail, and put a generous coat of nail polish so that it slides easy, but I guess if you are so afraid you can just use a toothpick, cause it works almost as well.
- striping brush these are the thin long brushes, that you can make lines, "S" lines with. I bought a few brushes that I thought would work as good as the nail paints with the thin brush, and they do work with acrilyc paints but I make a big mess if I use these brushes with nail polish, so I have to still find a striping brush, or just use one of my nail paint's brushes when the polish is gone

My thoughts about the nail paint's I'll share in an other post, cause I have to study now, but I really hope you liked it, and that this helped some of you :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


First of all welcome to my blog :), I'm happy that you found me here too.

I thought that all the good things that I don't say in my videos should be said, or at least should be written down...cause I don't have the time to edit the voice too :(, so I created this blog...
In here I'll try to show you what and how I use to do my nails, what I learned in theese few (almost 10) years of playing with nail polish.
I'm not a professional nail tech...I never studied nail stuff, it's just a hobby for me, I study medicine, I'm in last year of university so hopefully in 2009 I'll graduate... so... that being said, I hope you find something that you like here :)


P.S.: Happy New Year!!!